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Changing the Face of Luxury E-Commerce
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A full e-commerce site for the local luxury jewellery brand, Marilyn Tan Jewellery. As a first step towards becoming a global luxury brand, we proposed to build an online presence reflective of the bold and elegant brand.

All that sparkles
Delivered to you

Browsing one of a kind pieces from anywhere in the world

Excellent Choice
Getting up close with the jewellery

When there’s so much choice, where do you even begin? Marilyn Tan's sticky filters are designed for both the new and seasoned shopper.

Depicting the lifestyle
Bold, independent and beautiful

In the high fashion spirit of the brand, we kept the photography bright, stunning and inspiring.

Uncover each gem's story
Know what you wear

These precious stones come from all over the world, that’s what makes them enticing. For distinguished shoppers who want to know what they’re buying into, we designed a set of pages to reveal all.

Out of sight, but on your mind
Re-thinking the cart

For a successful ecommerce site, the shopping cart is an essential piece of the puzzle. We built a “shopping bag” that doesn’t get in your way while you’re shopping, but slides out from the left when you need.

Easy access
All your orders in one place

Everything you always wanted to know about your orders, past and present.

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