Staff Rewards Platform

Rewarding Employees in a Modern Workplace
Integrated rewards platform

Canon needed a more efficient and effective way to reward the company's biggest asset, their staff. The management team wanted to devise a better way to incentivise and motivate staff who have dedicated years of service to the company. To help achieve this goal, we proposed an integrated rewards and e-commerce platform exclusive to Canon staff.

Look and feel
Colour and type

Hundreds of Gifts and Experiences to choose from
A scalable rewards program that incentivises

Canon wanted to show employees how much the company appreciates and values their hard work. We created a scalable and enticing online rewards program where staff are awarded points they can use to redeem their preferred gift.

Exclusive rewards
Curated specially for you

A company specific rewards platform that automates reward orders and provides a wide array of gifts and experience. Everyone can find something they love.

Everything you need to know about your reward
When, where and how you can redeem

With hundreds of options, use the filters, categories and budget to find the perfect reward. There's something for everyone.

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