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Applications of Web Development

Logistics Management System
ERP Platform
Travel & Booking Platform
Landing Page
Community Website
Corporate Website

Web Development Overview

  • What it is Web development is a broad-ranging process commonly required in building customised webpages.
  • Why it matters Most businesses with a web presence opt for customised webpages in order to differentiate themselves. Web development services serves an integral part in fulfilling the demand for customised webpages.
  • Where it's going With the advent of Reactive programming methods, demand for Single Page Applications (SPAs) have been on an increasing trend in many customised web development projects.

Questions about Web Development

  • What are the common factors to consider when developing a custom website?
  • The following are common considerations: Type of website, dynamic or static content, need for Content Management System (CMS), number of pages, need to connect to external APIs, etc.
  • What's the difference between a Wordpress site and a custom-built site?
  • While Wordpress and other similar webpage builder solutions are usually more cost-effective because they rely on templates, custom-built sites usually offer a higher degree of flexibility and capability when it comes to product development.
  • Why do I need a website when I come from a traditional industry?
  • There are plenty of reasons why it's still a good idea to have your own website even if your industry is still working on a traditional basis. A website can help to establish your online presence, help customers learn about your history, announce information, affirm corporate branding, etc.

Web Development Statistics

1 - 3 months

Average web development time

8 in 10 people

Research a business online before buying

Results You Can Expect

Online Enquiries
Brand Presence
New Customers

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One X Tech
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  • Bespoke quality software
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Traditional firms
  • Offshore development
  • Unoriginal templates
  • Legacy technologies
  • Reduced initiative
  • Challenging to scale
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