Performance Optimisation

What it is

Performance optimisation is the action of making a system or process better or faster. The term is commonly used in computing context to enable greater performance at increase loads of specific processes.

Why it matters

Performance optimisation enables computer systems to work as effectively as possible, providing better results at faster times to meet business demands.

How to apply

From a business standpoint, performance optimisations can be applied to websites, applications and systems, with each platform requiring its own set of solutions to achieve the best results.

Applications of Performance Optimisation


Questions about Performance Optimisation

  • My website is slow, how can I get started to optimise performance?
  • The first step would be to conduct an audit of your site's performance to identify the areas of improvement. There are a variety of analysis tools that can help with this process.
  • What are the considerations when making performance optimisations?
  • Often during the optimisation process, solutions to performance roadblocks may require trade-offs that may affect the functionality or aesthetic aspects of a program. In such cases, the key is for managers to find a balance between performance and form-factor of the software.

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