Microsite Development

What it is

A microsite is a single web page or small cluster of web pages which are specifically built to support an existing website or campaign.

Why it matters

Microsites are a popular, cost-effective way to communicate information during a campaign. Microsite development is often focused on optimising web pages for a certain goal such as to increase brand identity, loyalty, spread awareness for a certain cause, or more.

Where it's going

Microsites fall under the greater category of web development and so follows closely to web design and development trends. A growing interesting web page tracking and analytic techniques such as A/B testing, polling, etc. have been the underlying theme for microsite development in recent years.

Applications of Microsite Development

Landing pages
Product launch
Campaign drive
Brand awareness
Growth marketing

Questions about Microsite Development

  • How much does it cost to develop a microsite?
  • Microsites typically cost a fraction of regular websites because there is usually no need for content or user management systems. Prices vary according to the level of complexity i.e. security, speed, animation, and more.
  • How long does it take to develop a microsite?
  • Assuming that the design mockups and assets are already provided, it'll probably take a senior developer a few days to a week to code out the microsite's frontend.
  • What should I pay attention to when developing a microsite?
  • Given that microsites typically consists of few if not a single page by definition, it is vital that the product serve the goals for which it was built for. Stronger emphasis should be placed on the conversion design, UI/UX design aspects of the page to ensure that the microsite's goals are well served.

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