Enterprise Resource Planning

What it is

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a set of systems and softwares used by organisations to manage core business processes.

Why it matters

Enterprise Resource Planning management systems enable scaling organisations to efficiently manage resources, transactions and communications, thereby enhancing overall efficiency.

Where it's going

The ERP industry is evolving towards greater mobility and integration with cloud-based ERP solutions witnessing increasing popularity.

Applications of Enterprise Resource Planning

Customer management
Sales management
Delivery processing
Payroll management

Questions about Enterprise Resource Planning

  • What can an ERP system do for me?
  • At the very basic level, ERP software can help to manage common tasks such as billing and invoicing throughout the organisation. More advanced ERP systems can be customised to facilitate a greater portion of the company's core business processes.
  • What kind of organisations use ERP software?
  • In general, ERP software can be beneficial to all organisations regardless of size or industry. ERP solutions are usually highly customisable and can be extended to adapt to your business needs.
  • What are key considerations of assessing a ERP software?
  • A few basic questions to ask include: 1) What type of support and training does the provider offer? 2) Do the base features meet my needs, or is extension work required? 3) Which of these functionalities are actually important to my company? etc.

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