Enterprise Application Development

Accelerate business agility across the organisation with enterprise apps

What it is

Enterprise Application Development is a complex process of creating software for business purposes. Enterprise applications are usually customised to meet core business requirements and shared across all stakeholders in a company.

Why it matters

Companies that are able to organise themselves and perform efficiently at scale will be able to perform better and faster in markets. Enterprise applications enable companies to manage resources effectively.

Where it's going

Today's modern enterprise applications are built for and deployed on cloud infrastructure. Doing so allows the organisation to operate globally and scale across networks, providing greater mobility and usability for all in the organisation.

Applications of Enterprise Application Development

Customer Relationship Management
Marketing Automation Software
Accounting Systems
Human Resource Management
Customer Support Platform
Employee Rewards Platform

Questions about Enterprise Application Development

  • What are some challenges behind implementing an enterprise application?
  • Enterprise applications usually require buy-in from different departments and stakeholders across the organisation. Budget allocation and compatibility issues are also common concerns.
  • How are enterprise applications different from regular applications?
  • Enterprise applications are more complex as they cater to an entire organisation's needs. Having to meet the demands of each specific business function and encode business logic and processes into a central system is an uphill task. Therefore, greater emphasis is placed on the system's architecture, with most enterprise applications being built on top of micro-services as multi component applications.
  • How are enterprise applications useful to a company?
  • Enterprise applications helps organisations manage resources in a more efficient manner. The ability to access, share and communication information through a central location is pivotal in operating large scale companies.

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