Digital Transformation

What it is

Digital transformation is the fundamental change in how a business operate and delivers value to its customers.

Why it matters

The rise in technological innovation coupled with the change in customer behaviour in digital media, highlights the importance of business digitisation, and challenges the company's ability to meet the increasing demands of the modern digital consumer.

Where it's going

Digital transformation services comprise a broad spectrum of technologies. The notable few being advances in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud and Conversational UI.

Applications of Digital Transformation

Mobile applications
ERP software
Enterprise applications
Cloud infrastructure

Questions about Digital Transformation

  • Do you have any recommendations for digital transformation for companies with limited resources?
  • As the digital transformation process is made up of many different aspects, businesses limited by resources can look to applying change incrementally in smaller steps. Identifying key problems and addressing them from a digital standpoint will serve as a good start point.
  • What does going digital really mean?
  • The term digital may seem overused these days because it can mean many things. From applying technology to developing new products, the term digital may be confusing, but perhaps it simply represents a mindset to which an organisation can take. A digital business operates and delivers value by approaching old problems with new technologies.
  • Who owns and drives digital transformation in an organisation?
  • Most of the time, digital transformations are largely led by the CMO or CEO if the former is not a present role. In some other cases, the duty may fall on the CIO, or even the IT director, depending on the organisational structure.

What you get with One X Tech

One X Tech
  • Extensive technological expertise
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Traditional firms
  • Offshore development
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  • Reduced initiative
  • Challenging to scale
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