One X Tech Launches Digitize™ Program

March 2019

One X Tech

One X Tech is a business technology partner, focused on building technological innovations for leading enterprises.

One X Tech Press Release: Launch of One X Tech Digitize™ Program

SINGAPORE: One X Tech, the world’s first digital business platform, today announced that it has launched a new initiative aimed at encouraging companies to take their first step towards developing digital capabilities. Known as the One X Tech Digitize™ Program, the new initiative helps companies build stronger digital capabilities and deploy IT solutions in their business.

Under the Digitize™ program, companies can receive up to $5,000 worth of credits to exchange for digital services, and be entitled to book exclusive training sessions with One X Tech’s digital consultants. The program is available to enterprise clients, small/medium businesses, and early-stage companies, with benefits catered specially to the needs of each group.

“The Digitize™ program has helped our customers overcome the inertia faced when adopting new technology and provides them with the right support to grow their business,” said Lu ShuHui, Director of Client Communications at One X Tech. “In today’s increasingly digital economy, companies looking to expand their business can depend on Digitize™ to kickstart their digital capabilities with ease and confidence.”

Companies keen to explore digital solutions under the Digitize™ program can apply through the One X Tech website today.