Introducing One X Tech’s Digital Business Suite

October 2018

One X Tech

One X Tech is a business technology partner, focused on building technological innovations for leading enterprises.

One X Tech Press Release: Introducing One X Tech’s Digital Business Suite

SINGAPORE: Earlier today, digital agency One X Tech, announced the launch of Digital Business Suite — a comprehensive offering of digital and IT services aimed at supporting businesses in their digital transformation journey.

Amidst today's rapidly evolving business landscape, companies want access to the best digital tools and services to stay ahead. With the Digital Business Suite, managers can easily apply established technologies in their work through the proven capabilities and support of the One X Tech digital team. With services spread across key areas such as automation, growth, innovation and more, the Digital Business Suite has been designed specifically to meet the needs of today’s modern businesses. 

“We are excited to announce the launch of the Digital Business Suite as an integral way of sharing our expertise in the Digital and IT space with our customers,” said Joel Koh, One X Tech’s Director of Technology Management.

“The Digital Business Suite will make it easier than ever for managers to run their business with greater confidence and intelligence. We are more than happy to do so because it brings us closer towards our vision of creating a unified digital eco- system in Asia,” he added.

The Digital Business Suite is currently available for all customers operating in the Asia Pacific region.