The Complete Checklist of Tactics to Grow Online Sales in 2019

Checkout the ones that will bring success to your business

Increasing online sales is something that every business in the world dreams of and luckily, there are plenty of ways to do. However, many of these businesses will try one tactic after the other to grow their online sales, but the results will not be what they’ve expected. You can have a great product and still struggle when it comes to reaching the right customers. 

Selling something is not easy no matter how good the product or service you’re selling is. Finding and motivating people to purchase from you is a crucial part of any sales process. Without that, it would be impossible to grow your online sales while also building your reputation. 

That’s when you will start looking into all of these tactics that are helping businesses to improve their online sales results. Some of these tactics will prove to be very efficient while others will be a total waste of time. Why is that so? The reason why some tactics fail is not that they are bad tactics but because they are night right for your audience.

Businesses can’t rely on determining what will work best for them before trying out, testing and analysing the results from utilizing these tactics is essential. To help you find the ones that will bring success to your business, we’ve created the complete checklist of tactics to grow online sales in 2019. Without them, it will be almost impossible to achieve the results you want. 

Table of contents

1. Creating a buyer persona

2. Driving Traffic

3. Captivating website design

4. Value propositions

5. Tracking buying phases

6. Reduce agitation

7. Social proof

1. Creating a Buyer Persona

The first thing that needs to be done before crafting your next sales or marketing strategy is creating a buyer persona. By creating a buyer persona, you will have a deeper understanding of your potential customers and how you can interest them enough to make their purchase. 

Buyer Persona Elements For Every Business

The elements that will help you create your ideal buyer are: 

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Profession 

Depending on your business, you can add more elements. For instance, if your company is selling athlete shoes, you can include elements that will help you understand your target audience much better such as hobbies, events they visit, etc. The goal of creating buyer personas is to identify customer groups and what makes them different from each other. This will tremendously help you with your sales and marketing efforts. 

2. Driving Traffic

First, we need to point out that having traffic on your website is truly terrific, but without the right type of traffic, you will not be able to grow online sales. If you’re just boosting your traffic with random people, you need to be aware that the majority of these people is not interested in purchasing your product. In other words, you can have 10,000 visits per day and not even one closed sale.

Targeting the Right People and Communicating the Right Way

To avoid this from happening, you will need to focus on driving relevant traffic. In other words, you will need to target the right people and communicate the right messages to them. A key part of high conversion is assuring your company has relevant traffic. Don’t waste your money on ads that target everyone near your area, regardless of your niche. 

The better you become with targeting, the better your online sales results will be. Direct your money on audiences that are interested in your products or services and you will see many benefits from it. Determine why people need your product, create your message and start communicating it only to those people who are interested in purchasing. 

3. Captivating Website Design

Having a beautifully designed website will tremendously help you in attracting traffic. It will also interest people enough to stay on your website, go through different pages and find something they might like. Design is essential when it comes to growing online sales. 

How Your Website Looks Like and How Your Website Works

Take a look at the websites of some of the most popular online businesses. They all have a captivating and interactive design that makes you want to stay longer on these sites and explore them! 

When talking about design, it’s important to note that it doesn’t only imply how the website looks but also how it works. Try to use your own photos and find a good web designer who will help you convey your key messages through a captivating design. If you’re not a designer yourself, it definitely means you have to hire someone. 

4. Value Propositions

What is the value you’re promising to deliver to your target audience? What is the main reason your website visitor should purchase from you and not your competitor? Value propositions will explain what particular problem your product or service solves and how it improves their situation. Also, it will reveal certain benefits of your product or service. Lastly, it will let your prospects know why you’re the best choice for them. 

Value Propositions are Crucial for Landing Pages

This should be very clearly displayed on your website, whether it’s on the homepage, ‘Products/Services’ page or any other place that you know your visitors will check once they land on your website. Value propositions are especially vital when you’re creating landing pages. As they are created to convert your visitors, you will need to build the entire page around value propositions. Otherwise, you will lose sales. 

How to Determine Your Value Proposition

These are questions might help you determine your value proposition and show it to your target audience, no matter what is the niche of your business:

  • What is it that you’re offering to your target audience?
  • What is the benefit of that product or service? 
  • Who is your product or service created for? 

5. Tracking Buying Phases

Online sales is not just a one-step thing. The majority of the people who will visit your website for the first time will not purchase the product right away. You will need to have something that will encourage them to start thinking about buying. That something needs to be of value to them, from discount coupons if they order immediately to referral link with benefits for their friends. 

Determining Different Stages of the Customer Journey

Anything that could motivate someone to return to your website can significantly help you to grow online sales. Don’t expect your prospects to make a purchase if they don’t recognize the reasons for it on your website. You will need to understand first how people approach online shopping to be able to close the sale. 

You need to see which stages your potential buyer can be in and create a strategy for each of them. How can you motivate a person who is just checking your website to return? How can you encourage your prospect who is already well aware of your product to make a purchase? You should communicate differently with each of these groups of customers and to do that successfully, you will need to see what works for each group.  

6. Reduce Agitation

Agitation can happen any time you ask your website visitors to commit to something. Of course, you won’t be able to completely eliminate that, but you can significantly reduce it. Start paying attention to how your prospects and customers behave on your website and take notes each time you implement something new and different. 

Doubts, Second Thoughts and Hesitation of Your Potential Customer

When we talk about agitation, we’re also talking about the doubts, second thoughts and hesitation your potential customer has when it comes to giving you money for your product or service.  

If you truly want to reduce agitation and turn a not-convinced prospect into a believer, you will need to address all possible doubts this person might have. The right way to do it is to provide them with complete information. Where there is even the slightest chance of being misunderstood, enhance it and make it clearer and simpler. 

Reasons for Agitation When Going Through Company’s Website

Here are some of the things that could lead to your website visitors feeling agitated:

  • Complicated or long processes
  • Asking for too much information from your website visitors
  • Not being able to find what you need
  • Websites with no contact information – physical address, email address, phone number, etc.

7. Social Proof

One of the most efficient ways to grow online sales is with publishing social proof on your website. Customer testimonials and reviews tremendously increase trustworthiness and encourage your potential buyers to make their first purchase. Your prospects might hesitate when it comes to purchasing because they don’t know if they can trust you. More importantly, they have zero evidence of your product quality. 

Publish Testimonials and Reviews on Your Website To Build Trust

By publishing testimonials and reviews on your website, you’re not only converting prospects into customers but you’re also establishing yourself as a respected brand. Depending on the layout of your website, implement social proof where it fits. You can have an entire page dedicated to customer reviews and testimonials organized by different industries or you can place on the top of your homepage to engage visitors the same second they enter your website. 

With social proof, you can truly achieve a lot without investing too much money or effort into displaying it. There are numerous ways you can engage your prospects and customers with it:

  • Offer an incentive to people who send you their video testimonial.
  • Provide a discount for every person who recommended your products to their friends and contacts.
  • Share your reviews and testimonials on your social media accounts.
  • Invite the customers who reviewed you to participate in a video testimonial.
  • Open a profile on third-party review sites and start interacting with your target audience. 


You will need to create a strategy if you wish to grow your online sales. As there are numerous things you will need to keep in mind, it’s very easy to forget something or ignore a crucial part that could determine the outcome of your online sales strategy. Attracting and encouraging people to make their purchase decision is your goal but without testing all these various tactics, it will be impossible to achieve it. 

Start testing them to determine what works for your business. The sooner you find out what works for your target audience, the sooner you will be able to enhance your online sales results. Make sure that these elements are a part of your strategy because they are essential for your success. 

Joel Koh

Joel leads software development at One X Tech's Technology Management & Digital Solutions practice. He leads the firm's Asia Pacific office efforts in continually evolving and growing new capabilities to serve clients in technology-led transformations.

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