Lead Generation Forms: 12 Best Practices and Design Tips (with Examples)

Create an interactive website that conveys all your key messages to your prospects and customers

If you’re thinking about a recent example of a fantastic website you’ve visited, what were the key elements that made this website so fantastic? Usually, when we’re fascinated with a certain website, it means it has compelling content, creative design and it’s highly convertive.

Any website that needs to fulfil its goal, whatever that goal might be, has to leave a strong impact on its visitors. That means you will need to create an interactive website that conveys all your key messages to your prospects and customers. Interactivity is something that can be achieved through various design and content elements. 

One of these elements is a form that significantly helps you generate leads on your website. Converting your visitors into leads is crucial if you want to improve your sales results and your overall business results. After all, in today’s digitally connected world, businesses are reaching the majority of their business goals online. Knowing that your customers are easier to reach and engage in online platforms makes it really obvious to understand that having a good website is vital for your business success.

To grow your business by generating leads on your website, invest some time in creating a form that will catch the attention of your visitors and encourage them to leave you valuable information about them. In this article, we bring 12 best practices and design tips when it comes to lead generation forms. Make sure you go through all of them to find the ones that suit your business needs the best.

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1. Key elements of a great Lead Generation form
2. Best Lead Generation form examples
  1. Dropbox
  2. HubSpot Marketing Grader
  3. Oracle
  4. Sentient Ascend
  5. Slack
  6. eHarmony
  7. Lyft
  8. Airbnb
  9. SoulCycle
  10. Zillow
  11. Crazy Egg
  12. Hulu

1. Key Elements of a Great Lead Generation Form

When talking about lead generation forms, you will need to pay attention to some details in order to create a truly successful form. Regardless of the objective of this form, it will need to follow our guidelines if you want it to convert your website visitors into leads. Making sure you cover them all will help you convert more people than you were hoping to.

Simplicity: Your form needs to be simple and easy to understand. If your visitors see the form and don’t understand why they need to fulfil these fields, it means your form is neither simple nor clear. Make it as simple as possible because anything that takes too much time will be ignored by your potential customers.

Straightforwardness: You need a particular piece of information from your website visitor? Just ask for it. Be direct in your form and ask for the information you need without any hesitation.

One column: Your form should have only one column to make the process very simple. A one-column form is easier to follow, understand and it will definitely not confuse your visitors.

Field hierarchy: Your form needs to follow a certain hierarchy. The information in the form needs to be organized in order. Start by asking the simplest information first and then proceed with the more complex fields.

Inline form field validation: If you’re creating a form, it needs to have an inline form field validation. This means that your visitors will be immediately notified if the information they’ve inserted in the field is invalid due to some reason. This significantly saves time and simplifies the entire process.

Aligning text: When you’re adding text to your form, make sure you’re aligning it to the left to provide the best user experience possible to your visitors. This natural alignment will help the person to complete the form as soon as possible.

Clear title: If you want to get as much as leads as possible, make sure you add a clear title that will immediately clarify what the form is about and why they need to fulfill it. 

2. Best Lead Generation Form Examples

Now, that you understand how vital it is to have a lead generation form on your website, you should start thinking about creating one for your visitors. Decide what type of information you need from them and what exactly you can offer to them in exchange. To help you make the most of this strategy, we bring you best lead generation form examples that can help you start converting your website visitors.

2.1 Dropbox

Dropbox created their lead generation form which appears after you click on the call-to-action button located on their landing page. You only need to insert information in four fields which makes the entire process very simple. They’ve also provided you with the option to sign in with your Google account to save more time.

2.2 HubSpot Marketing Grader

The homepage by HubSpot Marketing Grader homepage has a clear, unique call to action which is actually a jump link that takes you down to the bottom of their page. There is where you will find their form. This way, you don’t have to search for the form yourself. All you have to do is to press on the CTA and it will take you there. This form is simple, clear and without distractions. It also included field titles to help you navigate and understand which information is needed to complete the field. 

2.3 Oracle

The lead generation form by Oracle is special as it includes a description which contains reasons why others are using their product. Providing social proof right next to your lead generation form is a very efficient tactic that will encourage many to sign up. The right section of the page is reserved for the form which is actually very simple to fulfill. More importantly, each field has an asterisk to provide additional explanation if necessary.

2.4 Sentient Ascend

When you visit the Sentient Ascend’s website, the first thing you will notice is their CTA button. This bright orange button will immediately catch your attention as it’s located in the hero section. Their form even marks for your fields that don’t need to be completed. Also, you can leave your longer response in the last field of the form before submitting your data.

2.5 Slack

Slack is known for its simplicity and straightforwardness. The same is with their lead generation form. They’ve created a multi-step form which is actually incredibly simple. The first thing you need to do is to insert your address and then you can proceed to the next step. That next step is a landing page, created specifically for this occasion, where you will complete more fields. The form and the entire process is very interactive and captivating, but it also includes fun animations to keep you even more interested when going through the process.

2.6 eHarmony

When you land on eHarmony’s company website, their lead generation form will be the first thing you see. As a paid dating service, they’ve ensured their website visitors know the signup is free which significantly helps them attract more leads. The design of their form is also unique as they’ve included colourful circles instead of checkboxes. Also, their form only has five fields, so the signup takes less than a minute.

2.7 Lyft

The lead generation form that Lyft created is the only thing you will see once you enter their website. This simple form has two purposes i.e. you can sign up for a ride or apply to become a driver on their platform. Once you click on one of these two options (Sign Up To Drive/Apply To Drive), the form changes back and forth between these two provided options. The signup process is made in a very simple way from the first information to the last one.

2.8 Airbnb

Once you enter the Airbnb’s website, you will notice their ‘Sign up’ call-to-action button. It will bring you to their lead generation form which even allows you to sign up using a Google or Facebook account to complete the form faster. Airbnb also provided an additional explanation of why they require certain information from you.

 2.9 SoulCycle


The lead generation form by SoulCycle is located at the top of the landing page in their drop-down menu. It only asks for your email, username and password, so you won’t waste your time on inserting unnecessary information. In other words, the entire signup process will take only a few seconds. SoulCycle ensures their lead generation form matches the design and branding of the entire website.

2.10 Zillow

Zillow placed their call-to-action button at the top of their landing page. The page opens a signup form in a popup box. When the box appears, the background of the website will fade, so you can easily focus on that form. This easy signup process is also simplified with an option to connect to your Google or Facebook account and save your time that way.

2.11 Crazy Egg


The first second you open Crazy Egg’s website, you will notice a huge call-to-action button ‘Show Me My Heatmap’. If you sign up, Crazy Egg even provided an incentive for you. In order to receive your heatmap, you will need to insert only one piece of information. They are also providing the social proof of how many websites are already benefiting from Crazy Egg to encourage you to sign up immediately.

2.12 Hulu

Hulu created one of the most minimalistic lead generation forms but it’s very effective and captivating. To create your Hulu account, you can sign with your existing Facebook account or insert only a few pieces of information in the provided fields. This form is really simple to follow and understand and, as it’s a multi-step form, once you press ‘Continue’, you will be directed to another landing page that requires you to provide more information. Knowing that multi-step forms need to be as simple as possible, Hulu was focused on making their process as easy as possible.


Lead generation forms have so many benefits for companies which know how to utilize them right. When creating them, make them simple, clear and straightforward. Don’t forget to include all the key elements to achieve the best results. Start creating your lead generation forms and convert your website visitors today!

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