Best Dashboard App Designs: 22 Inspiring Examples

Make your dashboard stands out and impact your audience

Dashboard design is a very popular tool among businesses these days. They want a simple way to present vital information, reveal trends and risky areas, and so much more. So, what is actually a dashboard? The best way to describe is by saying it is a preview of crucial information vital for the user and simple enough for him to navigate to areas which captivate his attention.

This “dashboard” metaphor actually derived from the automotive industry. The car dashboard is the area from where a driver controlled the vehicle. In the aviation industry, that place is known as the cockpit. Regardless of the term and industry, a dashboard in the business world is one of the preffered types of content that relies a lot on the design.

Before looking closely into 22 inspiring dashboard app designs, let’s take a look at how to ensure your dashboard stands out and makes an impact on its target audience. 

Useful Tips When Trying to Design a Fabulous Dashboard App

  • Decide what type of dashboard you need by determining its purpose. Dashboard types: analytical and operational.
  • Determine the right presentation for your data.
  • Have  a consistent naming convention and date formatting by using one framework.
  • Define the layout of your dashboard and figure out how will your prioritize information in it.
  • The building block you use should have a consistent structure as well.
  • You need to double your margins to balance the white space of the dashboard.
  • Choose personalization over customization.
  • When integrating data tables or lists, make them interactive while aligning all your data correctly.
  • The design of your dashboard needs to be done in the last phase of the project.

table of contents
  1. Datta
  2. DashBee
  3. Saas
  4. Violett
  5. Tida
  6. Mobile Admin 
  7. Paneller Admin
  8. Matta material design
  9. Grade for sketch and photoshop
  10. Dashboard60 UI Kit 
  11. Material Design Dashboard UI Kit
  12. Orion Sci-fi
  13. PhotoLytics
  14. Athele readiness
  15. Bracket 2.0
  16. Card UI Design
  17. Beautiful color scheme
  18. Various chart designs
  19. Predictive Analysis
  20. Game Statistic
  21. Carousel display
  22. Clay

Best Dashboard App Designs

1. Datta Dashboard: Variety of Choice


With this card system, you are able to create hundreds or even thousands of possible combinations. From graphs, charts, calendars to bios and notes, everything is perfectly aligned in this engaging design that captivates you from the moment you see it. Different fonts and sizes of cards also help with the data hierarchy.

 2. DashBee: Simplicity and Total Customisation

With such a clean and cool design, DashBee also has 16 fully customizable and easy-to-use screens. Moreover, its beautiful color palette makes your experience even more enjoyable. From countless ways to display data to simplicity that connects it all, DashBee is truly one of the most inspiring examples on the market.

 3. Saas Admin Mobile

If you liked the fact that DashBee has 16 screens, you’ll be thrilled to hear that Saas Admin Mobile UI Kit has 42 of them. These screens are divided into three categories – onboarding, dashboards and modals. Its easy customization of colors, icons and typography makes these dashboards so engaging for its users. Also, components are responsive and resizable so it’s easy to adapt it to your preferences.

4. Violett: Dashboard Designed for iPhones

Violett is a clean, simple and minimalist app that’s designed to suit one of the recent iPhone model, iPhone X. As its goal is to simplify the user experience, the dashboard is all about simplicity. Highlighting only the vital information and demonstrating the look of the app is the right way to go with this type of solution. Screens are available in dark and light themes with a set of 28 screens and more than 200 elements.

5. Tida: iOS Dashboard

Similar to above-mentioned Violett, Tida is also a modern and fantastically designed iOS UI Kit with more than 30 mobile screen templates. Tida is built around the concept of a mobile app that serves to monitor video activities. It is organized in eight categories with four different styles to ensure an adequate level of customization. Moreover, every screen is also completely customizable and all layers are organized in the group under their names.

6. Mobile Admin Dashboard

This is a set of more than 60 screens which can be used to design captivating interfaces. This admin dashboard is also compatible with Photoshop and Sketch. It’s a very clean, easy-to-read and minimalistic dashboard that is focused mostly on the data and design. One half of the screens is light, while the other half is dark and there is no actual difference between them, only the color as the design element.

7. Paneller Admin Dashboard iOS

This is a fascinating set of more than 120 iOS screen templates designed in Photoshop. There are light and dark versions which provide an additional level of creativity. All layers are well organized so it’s easy to find the element you need really quickly and design any type of dashboard you need.

8. Matta Material Design

Matta Material Design is a UI Kit focused on providing simplicity and beauty with its huge set of more than a thousand components. All elements are vector based so they’re easily scalable and adjustable to whichever screen size you’re utilizing. More importantly, it has a fantastic organization of all these elements, including social media, news, e-commerce, dashboard and stats app.

9. Grade for Sketch and Photoshop

If you’re looking for a wide variety, you should check out Grade UI Kit. It has more than 1,000 elements which are divided into ten categories. Every element can be chosen in a light or dark version and due to the design of these elements, dashboards look very professional and elegant. Almost every aspect of the element can be changed – color, font, form and size – so it can fit any type of dashboard vision.

10. Dashboard60 UI Kit for Sketch and Photoshop

This is one of the biggest UI Kits on the market which is focused on dashboard user interfaces and web applications. Its features included more than 70 screens with various layouts, almost 30 dark interfaces and style guides, four project guidelines and, most importantly, it’s optimized for both Sketch and Photoshop.

11. Material Design Dashboards UI Kit

Those who love Google’s Material Design will adore this UI Kit! There are tons of great components which look stunning alone and together with other components. The UI kit comes with 40 dashboard screen that allow you to create fantastic material very quickly. Colors, icons and typography are very easy to change and adjust according to your preferences. It’s compatible with Sketch and Adobe Xd.

12. Orion Sci-Fi Dashboard

This is one of the most modern and creative PSD templates created for the admin panel. Not to mention that its sci-fi focus significantly contributes to the creativity level. Orion has more than 70 widgets, charts, tables, graphics, etc. Components are vector-based and, of course, fully customizable on the beautiful interface.

13. PhotoLytics Dashboard UI by Balraj Chana

With such a beautiful and clean background, all the attention is focused on the cards and all other relevant information surrounding it. The hierarchy of the information can be reorganized based on preferences and needs. With such a wide variety of components, users can definitely create captivating and interactive dashboards.

14. Athlete Readiness by Ron Evgeniy

Carefully chosen colors, simple design and numerous elements ensure this dashboard displays its information in the most compelling way. With just the right amount of information per dashboard, the overall impression is very positive due to its simplicity. 

15. Bracket 2.0 by Envato Elements


If you’re looking to create a professional yet simple and creative dashboard, you should take a look at this example. The dark, simple background helps you highlight the information you want to share. With a variety of colors and ways to present your data, you can easily create your own dashboard within an hour.

16. Card UI Design by Luke Peake

Intuitive cards are one of the most popular elements for creating a dashboard, and for a great reason. They help in creating a clear layout while also increasing the engagement of those who are looking into the information you’re displaying. Not to mention that you can click on each card to reveal more information and reorder them with by dragging and dropping where you think they fit.

17. Beautiful Color Scheme by Bradley Bussolini

Let’s face it, your design can only get better if you can choose from the most beautiful colors. This dashboard allows you to do exactly that. These colors are stunning and they captivate you from the first second you start looking into the dashboard. Each block has its unique color to divide the website into several areas, making it easy to find what you need.

18. Various Chart Designs by Oswaldo Gino Abreu

On this dashboard, you can see a variety of charts that have different sizes, shapes and colors. Each chart presents one piece of information. Whitespace helps these charts to stand out and provide a clear overview of the entire dashboard. With charts captivating as these ones, you obviously don’t need more flashy elements to include in your dashboard.

19. Predictive Analysis for Logistic Company by Nandini Bhattacharjee

If you’re looking for a dashboard design that will help you with hierarchy, this is the right option. Including products on the dashboard and combining it with other data will surely provide users with a unique visual experience, from understanding the business and products better to seeing the bigger picture with all of your information.

20. Game Statistics by Yaroslav Zaitsev

A good idea about any topic can actually be a perfect motivation to create a dashboard. Just like this football game dashboard where all the information and statistics about games are displayed in a very clear and simple way. With several sections, it’s easy to navigate from one information to another but also to find what you need in the first few seconds you see this dashboard.

Are you looking for an inspiration for creating a dashboard that highlights the wide variety to its viewers? For a music website, it’s crucial to show that their visitors can find something from them as well. The best way to demonstrate that is by using a large photo carousel to captivate their attention and allow them to go through several options until they find what they need.

22. Clay: Data Visualisation Dashboard

For the majority of designers, the real challenge when talking about the dashboard design is to present key information in a straightforward manner. With excellent data visualization as demonstrated with this dashboard, it’s very easy to understand what crucial information in this content is. As the pies and line charts are clickable, users can easily click on them to see more information while the first impression is clear, simple and minimalistic.

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